Images in OmniUpdate

Written by Bryan Besnyi on October 17, 2019

Images by default are inaccessible to those who cannot see them due to poor vision or blindness.

In general, images containing text should be avoided in favor of text alternatives to convey the same meaning. This is a legal requirement of the WCAG 2.0/2.1 specification.

Images Need Descriptions

Add Image pane in OmniUpdate showing Source and Description fields
  • We need to provide descriptions for anything that contains informative content.
  • Photos can be appropriate descripted using the Description field (pictured in preceeding photo), which contains a succinct description of the content of the image.
  • Keep in mind that we are just trying to convey the content of the image to the user and are not trying to overwhelm them with a wordy description.

Decorative Images

If for some reason an image must be added to the page and it does not require a description, if used for look or feel for example rather than contributing to the meaning of the page, we can give leave the Description field empty, which will tell screen readers to ignore it.

NOTE: Use caution with an empty description field. If there are words on the image, or the image links to another page, the Description field must not be empty.